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Originally Posted by theodrim View Post
1. Not merely cruiser, but heavyweight cruiser hull and shields, with cruiser weapon slotting plus dual cannon mounting.
2. Battle cloak.
3. Battlecruiser BOff, console, and device slotting.

Do you seriously think you're going to have all these things without concession in base turn rate and inertia? That's pretty ballsy, when you consider the plethora of ways you can circumvent its low turn rate including arguably the best one in the game which is innate to the ship itself and comes entirely without cost.

So, yes, that is the point, "a go at [you]" is well-deserved for complaining about this, and while I'm perfectly capable of reading and comprehending what I am reading you are certainly one to lecture others on the merits of critical thought. That's absolutely the case when the post of yours to which I responded is in regard to how there is "nothing"to "support" the low base turn rate of the D'Deridex -- which, clearly, is not the case since there are ample ways to boost it through gear and skills.
Again my point was related entirely to depiction on vessel on screen the first case that somehow a overall lower warp speed implies its maneuverability is lower by a great degree-which is being cited everywhere on this forum along with a "glassjaw" hull frame based on a 20-30 sec battle sequence in DS9.

Your statements why the turn rate in game is balanced by the other factors is well said and I agree with you.

I was and still concerned that the D'deridex-Class in game statistics is being affected by on screen interpretations that are affected by a view of some that has been built on assumptions leading to a posts where these myths are being cited as if fact.

the recently BOFF change to the D'Deridex proves the devs are responding to these threads/posts-

I have no problems with in game statistical balancing.

Nor did it need to go personal-so I apologise