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05-12-2013, 03:04 PM
I like many features of the new Tailor but I have a few complaints.
1st - The color palettes are inconsistent and confusing, some items have a full spectrum of colors and others only a partial one, all numbered differently, making color choices a needlessly complicated process.
2nd - Having the facial and hair preset images placed around the character window is a really bad idea, it makes it far too easy for a player to radically change his or her character's appearance accidentally. The preset images should only appear with the preset costume windows but when a player selects the advanced customization slider options the preset images should disappear.
3rd - There is no undo button making it hard to correct simple mistakes short of loading a saved costume image or starting over from scratch.
4th - The Character window is far too dark making it hard to correctly choose colors and skin tones.
5th - There are no facial hair options for Romulan males. They have 5 o'clock shadows so they must shave, their Vulcan cousins have full facial hair options so why don't Romulans?
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