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*Wax after they arrive and the injured Klingons slowly get out with blades out ready to take their spots. *

Wax: Come on.. It is nearly time...

Sarkon: How far have they gotten?

Wax: I am funneling them into the plains where we will let the first wave meet the surprises I had set down. Right now they are nearly there about 16 legions armed with the latest ground warfare weaponry. They have no mechs thankfully.

Sarkon: They think so little of me and my men.. Dogs..

*The men arrive at the plains and take their spots as the injured are given hypos and some patch work before they done some combat armor... *

*They are soon lying in a ditch waiting for the enemy troops. Soon they feel the ground shake as they come the plains weaving grass sunrise... The troops come further in marching through... Until explosions rip through them and flames... The ones further ahead hear switches and soon plummet into spikes to be impaled.. *

Wax: Wait for it that was only the First wave...

*Meters away on the other side of the plain Omarka and Savatec watch the smoke from further ahead...*

Omarka: What in the...

Savatec: Wax's doing no doubt... Don't be surprised we lost 4 legions trying to find the alternate way but this is the only one... Expect more traps...

*Looks to the Herald..*

Send them to the flanks and backup the first wave.. Watch their step...

*The Next wave begins their march but splitting up left and right... While the defenders are crawling by them unnoticed.. When the last man crosses a point he taps his omni tool and sets off the next set of traps.. causing confusion... and retreating back.... The third and fourth waves soon hole up..*

Wax: *Into a comm device* Markon give them a volly of fire... We will charge soon.

*Omarka's hill*

Omarka: Deal with them when they surface. I will head up the last legions...

Savatec: Do as you wish..
Markon: Understood.

*He turns to his men, all prone with Disruptor Rifles trained on the enemy.*

Mortars, stand by.

*He looks into his viewfinder, taking aim at the leader of the formation.*


*He hears the Photon Shells launch, and watches as confusion fills the enemy ranks.*

Steady, Riflemen!

*He hears the shells explode inside the formation.*


*The enemy formation looks up as a flurry of thousands of Disruptor bolts rain down on them, tearing through the troops.*

Consider that a warning volley, Savatec.

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