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*The Red October emerges in the last known spot of the Dresden*

Voporak: Scan the area. Find some trace of them.

Vranlek: The narrow beam sensors are searching for a warp trail. Once we find that, we just have to follow it until we reach the ship or wherever it might have offloaded the computer's information.

Voporak: Very well. I programmed it to have safeguards, but they are not a guarantee against someone accessing the files. The computer of my own ships is programmed to decipher the complicated and encrypted nature of them. It may take time, but they can be very slowly translated by a standard computer, assuming that you know what you're doing. To lengthen that process even further, there are several layers of fluff data mixed in. The computer onboard this ship can easily read and extract the real stuff.

Vranlek: How long would it take a computer of this era to gather enough information from the computer to decrypt the files?

Voporak: I would say... a few months, if you focus all processing power on decrypting it.

*The console begins making noise*

Vranlek: There it is. A very faint warp trail of the Dresden. Now we just have to follow it.

Voporak: Maintain stealth mode and pursue. Keep long range scanners on maximum, because my computer's information has a uniquely distinguishable signature.

*The Red October jumps to warp*
OOC: Remember, the Dresden is with the Freedom and Excalibur trying to help the Klingons, so if you go after Tucker, you're going after 2 of Starfleet's finest vessels as well.

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