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Markon: Understood.

*He turns to his men, all prone with Disruptor Rifles trained on the enemy.*

Mortars, stand by.

*He looks into his viewfinder, taking aim at the leader of the formation.*


*He hears the Photon Shells launch, and watches as confusion fills the enemy ranks.*

Steady, Riflemen!

*He hears the shells explode inside the formation.*


*The enemy formation looks up as a flurry of thousands of Disruptor bolts rain down on them, tearing through the troops.*

Consider that a warning volley, Savatec.
Savatec: *shakes his head which removes the dirt in his hair* Fire our mortars onthe direction of those.. All of them..

*The return salvo rips through removing the Mortar units and their men... along with most of the riflemen..*

*In the smoke the Klingon defenders leap out of their hidden trenches and charge forth war cries on their tongues. All Hell breaks loose.

Klingons ripping Klingons apart with Blades, Bat'leths, disruptors, and their Bare hands... Sarkon is wading through the bunch memories of his son and his slain people on his mind his rage and blood calling deep down to the warrior...

Wax is skillful as he rips through he does miss a Face Dancer but the Old Knarled Klingon leaps in front of it and savagely attacks with everything he has. A Mortal wound from a blade going through him and a war cry as he lops off its head in one sweap and falls dead...

Savatec sees Markon and his men come from their spots but is not worried as more men meet them... He enters the fray and slays many Klingons... Including Markons man painfully with a snap and crack of his spine.... finishing with a severing of his head.. He lifts it up and roars and tosses it Markons way so it lands on him like a projectile.*