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Originally Posted by autumnturning View Post
The best way to structure the restriction so as to achieve the "only SCIENCE ships need apply" limitation, while also recognizing that there are more "Science" ships than just the ships offered by the Starfleet (ie. don't forget the KDF and Romulan Star Forces) would be to "enable" modification of Beam Weapons (not Cannons) so as to allow Starship Particle Generators to apply an effect to Beam Weapons (of which there is more than one type) ... *IF* ... the Bridge Officer occupying the highest ranking Boff Station is a Science Boff.

Note that keying this advantage to a "if highest ranking Boff Station is occupied by Science Boff only" standard, you allow ships (like KDF Raiders) which are full of Universal Stations to also make use of this added feature *IF* they staff themselves in the same way a "Science" ship would. Further note that in the case of Starfleet ships, such a construction of the "eligibility constraint" essentially limits the effect to Science ships only as of Tier 1+, simply due to Boff layouts. From a conceptual standpoint, it simplifies a lot of decisions about which ships should "get" this advantage, including ships that are loaded with Universal stations (hello Raiders!).
I didn't think all of the details through, just after watching DS9/VOY/ENT all on netflix since I haven't seen them since their finale's...I heard a lot of talk about particle weapons (especially on ENT) and I got to thinking maybe its something that could help Science ships.

I love Sci ships and in a lot of ways they are the worst off in the game but seems like everyone wants to buff Cruisers recently even though they are a little better off. So I thought I would throw this idea out that came to me.

Or well, has been a bit of talk about adding special beams that only cruisers can use, maybe should add aux beam weapons that get some damage from particle generators. (Obviously not to much because don't need to get OP)

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