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*Markon grabs his Bat'leth, charging at Savatec and clashing blades with him.*

Markon: You slay and behead your own BROTHERS?!

*OOC: Okay, now I'm really going to bed.*
Savatec: *Tosses Markon off.. Slices at his legs and stabs him through the upper thigh and nearly the hip... Blood gushing through...*

Brothers should not fight... But when it is considering the soul of our people in this time of change I would prefer we drop our old ways that brought so much misery to our people.. I did what I did

*Counters a wounded Markon with a hard smack to the nerve bundles near his back and strikes it again causing Markon to howl in pain... and unable to move.. *

to stop the same mistakes from being made once again..

*Elsewhere Wax is wading through until he gets hit in the arm... He rages toward his wold be attacker and runs him through... Another shot hits him causing a flesh wound on his leg but Sarkon pierces him through the belly and disembowels him... His wounds getting worse...

Wax stands up his bloodlust making him forget the pain... He sees Markon fall to his knees and he opens him omni tool and it reveals the searing hot blade with in made of the same material.. He sprints and leaps off a corpse on all fours and soon before even Savatec can even counter the Omni blade goes right through his face and into the ground... *