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05-12-2013, 03:38 PM
I like the idea. We all know that Sci.ships could use a bit of a buff, especially in the DPS department unless Cryptic miracoulosly changes the end game in STO from DPS centric to more adopted like the CE event was for example.

This should be restricted to Science ships only. This would also include the Vesta, because it's a Sci. ship and regardless if it may be considered the most powerfull sci. ship in game, it's still a sci.ship and the people who own one deserve to have all the innate buffs that all science vessels have. However, I would exclude the carriers or raiders from this - although they can be utilized for science, they are not pure science ships and need no buff of this kind. I think it's not that complicated to add the ability just to ships designated as 'science ships' rather than apply it to any ship that has the highest Boff slot reserved for science.
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