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|: we want wE waNT WARBIRDS :|
I second this musical interlude.
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my personal recommendations on EVERYTHING would be

9 to insulators
6 to threat control
6 to energy armor
and not bothering with sensors, dampners, subsystem repair, or kinetic armor (threat control buffs energy and kinetic armor, that will give you enough)

i just dont see a rate of return with any of those skills even close to being worth any points in them. dampeners doesn't seem to effect TB hold, just lets you not get pushed by tbr. if tbr is tac buffed, or from a crazy npc, you want to get away from it anyway. stuns dont tend to last long enough even at 0 ID to be all that deadly. if your crews dead every point in subsystem repair seems to do nothing, and everything kills crew. sensors can buff a few skills, and stealth detection, but as a counter to sensor disrupting attacks, well they arent dangerous enough to you to warent points in them over something else.
Doesn't Sensors affect the Sci captain ability Sensor Scan? Cause that would be a pretty big caveat for that skill, IMO.
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*spoiler* hope you like tech doffs, cause every one of those warbirds can use them...
*squee!* I won't have to break my addiction!