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05-12-2013, 07:21 PM
one of the things i have been thinking about is with the current ship injuries.
above 60% hp damage has a chance of minor servicable damage to system that your crew need to fix, below 60% you run the chance of moderate serviceable damage, and if you hit 35% damage you pick up an instance severe serviceable damage.

such damage would have associated timers and modifiers to that time based on active crew.

then if you die, you pick up critical damage that practically disables an attribute derived from your skill tree.
the color coding acting as an indicator of the probability that the system in question will end up at 0.

say you pick up "critical targeting system damage" it will be like you have nothing spec'd into targeting.

though really, making the impulse modifiers link to the engine installed rather than a pulled from nowhere ship class trinity would pretty instantly fix a lot of issues to do with cruisers being a load of pants pie.
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