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Originally Posted by dalolorn View Post
I fully agree with the OP's idea. With the exception of raising crew quantities.
That is only if Cryptic needs to raise them in order to deal with the numeric damage scale used to kill them off as opposed to the current nonsensical percentile scale. If they do not have any problem assigning very low numbers to how many crew die per hit of things to make it fit the current scale then there is no need to increase the number of crew.

Originally Posted by jayleia1 View Post
They should matter, especially against boarding actions of any type (shuttle or borg transporter)

A Kumari should, even if they activate Tac Team before the boarders arrive, suffer some problems. Even when prepared for trouble, there's not enough people to be

An Atrox, barring something insane like a dozen Spheres in an Infected Elite all deciding to send visitors over at once...shouldn't need to use Tac Team at all.
^True but only for Klingons... Most Federation crewmen are unarmed and untrained to handle invaders as we have seen time and again. Klingon crews on the other hand are all born warriors who would PREFER to throw down face to face.

Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
Right. Which in practical terms means it's not going to happen.

I feel tinkering with the crew mechanic would be an even trickier thing to do.

Also, I maintain that what a player wants out of the concept of crew is represented in BOFFs and DOFFs quite effectively as is.

Why? There is hardly anything associated with the Crew mechanic. You do not assign crew or even deal with them. The only things that effect them are things that kill them or protect them. Currently they are more like a shield facing than anything remotely close to being like a BOFF.

It is not represented by BOFFs and DOFFs because the big ships do not have more of these and smaller ships less of them. (And before you ask... No I do not WANT more BOFFs for big ships... That would be a headache) It was obviously meant as one of the defining features of these behemoths that their size lent them to huge crews and that this was one of their perks but at present it fails to help in any way whatsoever.