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# 1 Movie Wars!!!
05-12-2013, 07:45 PM
Thats right! the long awaited MOVIE WARS will be happening! on MAY 19th at 2pm EST

here's the rules-

No fleet gear. At all, of any kind.

No consoles that give a passive power are allowed.

no consoles that give an active power are allowed (unless where note)

deflectors/engines/shields- no set items of any kind, no fleet items of any kind.

No console/weapon set items of any kind!

no deployables of any kind for either side.

No doffs!!!!

the idea is to have fun using an appropriate era ship selection. please keep that in mind when selecting your bridge officer powers!

we'll meet at drozona space starting around 130pm est to establish teams, first match will be roughly around 2pm.

heres the MOVIE WARS, ship list (only tier 5 or fleet versions are allowed)-the list includes all ships seen in ANY of the star trek movies to date. but only their allowed tier 5/fleet versions. so no oberth, or connie at this time will be allowed.

each ship will be listed if it can use its console or not. if its not listed, it cant be used.

Akira (may use torp console)
soverign (its regent gas console thingy whos name escapes me now..... no not theta radation the other one)
galaxy (saucer seperation)
excelsior (transwarp console allowed)
millennium falcon (points if you know which movie this is from)


(sorry klingons, theres not a whole lot of movies with you guys in them)


all feds MUST use phasers, and can also use photon torps or quantum torps.

all klingons MUST use disruptors and can also use photon torps or quantum torps.

remember! the goal is to have fun!

see ya'll on sunday.

PLEASE let peeps know this ingame, i wont be on much during the week and the word must be spread!
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