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Originally Posted by dllmmo View Post
If you choose to align yourself to FED as Romulan, you'll get access to all perks FED offers. And vice versa, align yourself to KDF grants you those perks. You will be able to play that factions ships and use c-store for the same.
This is only partially correct...
Allied Ships (Updated!)

When a Romulan Captain chooses to ally with the Federation or the Klingon Defense Force, they gain access to a limited number of their ally?s ships. Romulan Captains can obtain Tier 1 through Tier 4 allied ships for Dilithium or in the C-Store, depending on the specific ship. Romulan Captains cannot command, nor purchase/ claim, Tier 5 (Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Brigadier General, or Lieutenant General) ships from the faction that they have allied with.