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05-13-2013, 01:54 AM
Originally Posted by sasdean View Post
Loved the level of voiceovers (VOs) but at certain points VOs failed or were not a part of the story by inadvertence.
I noticed this same problem. I also noticed that there were weird artifacts that appeared during transitions. After the transition countdown, other parts of the set and NPC characters would appear for a second before it resolved to my character and location. I loved most of the new look and feel of the game and the responsiveness of the UI, though the new character creation layout was annoying.

I wish that more could be done to make the Romulan faction more ROMULAN. You could pretty much copy the entire storyline word for word and action for action and set it on a human colony world with Starfleet ships and sets. Still, to be fair, there was never much in any of the various series or movies that established Romulans in any distinctively alien way either.

All that aside, I like the new content and the direction the game is headed. Good work guys.

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