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# 23 LOR Tribble
05-13-2013, 05:37 AM
I want to make a point and mention that I truly love what s coming with LOR and think that it's been long in coming. Still I find that I have a complaint from an issue I found during the open testing. While I spent two hours in real time trying to play LOR during Tribble test weekend, I found that I spent nearly 30 minuets waiting for the game to let me online (I do recognize that this is from the fact that so many people wanted to play during this period.) So with an hour and a half of playtime, I found myself with multiple disconnects (I counted at least 20 separate disconnects which tossed me back to the login page.) the last one sent me all the way back to the login page that requires both login name and password. Here it refused to even reconnect to the servers at all.
Again, I want to say that I truly do love the content that is built around LOR and the changes that it brings to STO. I only disliked all of the disconnects that took place and find that at times I have those same issues with the holodeck servers too. I hope that you guys can get that fixed before the release date of LOR.