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Originally Posted by jinja64 View Post
Hello, I was curious about what unlocks apply to Romulans that we've gotten through C-Store or lifetime subs.
Will there be a Liberated Romulan Borg species?
Yes, Lifetime players will be able to roll a Romulan Borg captain.

Will Romulans get access to the liberated Borg bridge officer that's currently on the C-Store, or will they only have access to the Liberated Reman bridge officer, which is a separate purchase?
Cryptic hasn't been terribly clear on this, but I'd say they will only have access to the Reman officer. The reason being, only Fed has access to the Fed Boff, and only KDF has access to the KDF Boff.

Regarding ships, even utilizing the C-Store, am I to understand Romulans can't use any Klingon/Fed ships at the highest tier? and they also won't get the faction's uniforms?

I really wanted to play a Federation Romulan, but kinda sad that I can't use a fed uniform or the ship I really want to use (intrepid refit)
Correct, you won't be able to use Fed uniforms or Tier 5 ships. Plus, you will only have access to a "limited" selection of their Tier 1 - 4 ships (we don't have a list yet).