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Why? There is hardly anything associated with the Crew mechanic. You do not assign crew or even deal with them. The only things that effect them are things that kill them or protect them. Currently they are more like a shield facing than anything remotely close to being like a BOFF.
There's combat. There's consoles. There's old code that the new devs haven't worked on. It's pretty much the same type of thing that always leads to the same old statement:

"We'd have to go into every map" or "We'd have to tweak all of X"

It's something that could break the game further. And all for what? Your solution doesn't add enough to the game for me to be confident enough that the tinkering is worth the risk.

Like I said, I'm all for working on the cruiser gameplay experience. But I think crew mechanics are a waste of effort. And ideas should focus on something new. Not something old. Something new not only avoids any issues with old code breaking the game, but lets the developers add their own mark on the game, something that most creators have more gusto for doing.

It is not represented by BOFFs and DOFFs because the big ships do not have more of these and smaller ships less of them.
You misunderstand. This isn't about more. This is about what people expect a crew to do in a Star Trek sense. You watch the shows and you come away from the whole idea of commanding a ship by thinking what you do is what you saw Kirk or Picard do. Which is mostly give orders and help save the day. BOFFs are who you give orders to. You tell your tactical officer to fire your beams ... AT WILL! You tell your science officer to lock on that tractor beam. You call security and have them beam down two more redshirts to your away mission. So on and so forth. That's how people perceive what a captain does in Star Trek. And BOFFs pull that off.

Which leaves DOFFs. What they do is far more what people expect from a captain of a starship. They go on assignments. You are in control of your ship and it's crew. You have your duty roster. You manage it. You assign people to stations. You assign people to tasks.

So what a crew represents in Star Trek is adroitly handled by BOFFs and DOFFs. You give orders. You manage special tasks. You manage the roster. You are in control of who is on your crew and what they are doing. Be it in a pitched space battle bellowing for a full spread of photon torpedoes, on an away mission asking for a medical tricorder for your injured engineer, or simply assigning your on-ship diplomat to meet foreign dignitaries and give them a tour of your ship.

The crew mechanic doesn't do any of that. Is klunky, has never worked, and doesn't do much to represent how crews functioned in Star Trek. You could rename it Inspiration, or Ship Morale, and it would not change a thing about its mechanics or how it represents Star Trek in the game.

It's not needed. It's a risky thing to tamper with. And I think that the solution to helping steer the game away from "MOAR DEEPS, MOAR DEEPS, OK STOP DEEPS" isn't crew. It's something new. Something to help cruisers function better in the game's environment and also FEEL more like Star Trek. Crew mechanic won't cut it.

Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
You're comparing apples and oranges. BOFF ability tweaking not happening stems from the fact that there are piles of systems in place to randomly generate boffs with random starting abilities.
I'm just going off of what is usually said about these kinds of requests. If not BOFF abilities, then exploration revamp. If not that, then diplomacy. If not X, then Y.

To do what the OP is suggesting would be a tweak to a specific shared weapon modifier (projectile crew killoff) and the addition of a single modifier in a handful of cooldown formulae. Not a wholesale rewrite of the BOFF replicator coding.
There's itemization involved as multiple consoles deal with crew mechanics. And we've already been through the agonizing process of what happens when they tinker with consoles.