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05-13-2013, 07:45 AM
Cheers for that Evil. The "Continue" thing is something I've done my best to address for my Foundry Contest mission (Alpha Flight if you're curious), in which I think I managed to remove all of them and replace them with a little more interesting dialogue. I agree that just because Cryptic uses "Continue" a lot doesn't make it a good thing

Good notes on the rewording and addition of a respawn marker, when I get some more free time I'll get onto those and the Scan Door interaction lingering.

The warhead lingering was the best I could manage without being able to use OR gates on triggers. It was either this, having the mine disappear when the shield is lowered, or having player able to plant the first mine and have it do nothing even after they solve the puzzle. It was the best solution I could find from a bad situation.

Thanks again for this, I think what you're doing here in this thread is really excellent work, helping the new and experienced alike improve. I learned a lot from reading your feedback to other people's missions, keep up the good work!

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