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05-13-2013, 11:40 AM
Some of the speeds have been confusing me. This is something I was going to test but the wipe/lock of character transfer prevented me from getting to it.

I guess my question is related to sector space travel.

Currently, if you want to actually get anywhere quickly you need to use the Borg engine.

Will the new engine/warp core combo's make the Borg engines obsolete or allow players to get similar speeds without it.

It also sounds like in the future we will not be going say Warp 18 but 10 will be the "max" regardless of how fast we are actually going.

What will effect our speed more. An engine or a warp core?

(also the ones I saw pre-wipe, I found the text on the cores a bit confusing. It was hard to figure out if you needed X or Y or if they were more or less the same)