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Originally Posted by hasukurobi View Post
They said they did not want to change them because to do so would require that they change the random generation of starter abilities they have, the systems that work off them which these days would likely include DOFFs, Captain Training, Rarity of BOFF, and the way in which Skills and BOFF slots on any given ship work.
It's almost the exact same reason given for not revamping the exploration system. It's really similar to the explanation given for not fixing the text boxes break cloaking issue. It requires going in and doing changes to lots of little things.

Crew are nowhere near as complex as BOFFs.
I've not seen any evidence to support your assertion. You certainly don't have the experience with the code. If it were so easy to fix ... why's it remained unfixed for so long?

As for breaking the Code... How little faith you have in the Devs. I am sure they are happy to hear that you believe them so incompetent.
Just going by the track record. How long before I log onto a new patch on Tribble and my BOFF stations are empty every time I zone?

2) Firstly, we rarely see DOFFs doing things in Star Trek. It is mostly the BOFFs who go on away missions or who the Captain orders to do things. You surely do not frequently see DOFFs running out in... Shuttles? Or some such to go carry out missions away from your ship. So they do not really serve as a good example of a particularly Trek-like Crew because they do too much.
You know for someone who just got done telling me to go re-read stuff, it'd have been nice for yuo to read what I had said. Ah well. I give up. I tried to make my point, but you seem married to the idea of trying to fix cruisers through the crew mechanic, which is a waste of time and resources.