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While reading the blog I realized that even though the game will give existing ships a standard warp core it will not be giving any benefit to those that purchased their ships via c-store.

... and this is something critical since the warp cores could literally be the one thing you guys can use to revamp & balance the old Cstore ships and bring them up to speed sort of speaking with the more modern cstore releases.

For example, you cannot compare in any way or form the Vesta against the D'kyr or Nebula starships. The consoles and limited capability of the Nebula and D'kyr are from pre-F2P times and as such the ships are horribly obsolete in performance and capability compared to a Vesta.

Not that I'm asking these ships be buffed to Vesta status.. but there is a rather big gap between these vessels.

This is where Warp Cores could make the difference.

For example, the T5 Nebula could be given a unique, Nebula-Only warp core that instead of being engineering-based bonuses it would give science-based bonuses. The article mentioned the romulan cores give bonuses to sci stats like graviton, particle, etc... well why not give the ADVANCED RESEARCH science vessel a warp core that.. well... does science?

Make it be based on the ship's power settings. The more power to one system the more stat boost it gives the ship.

Weapon Power: Increases Subspace Decompiler stat (synergizes with subsystem attacks)
Shield Power: Increases Shield Systems & Power Insulator stats
Engine Power: Increases shield emitter, graviton and particle generator stats
Aux Power: Increases flow capacitor, sensor and countermeasures stats.

The bonus amount per power level is up to you. I'm guessing something like 1 power = 1 stat boost? That way 100 power is +100 to a stat?

The D'Kyr could have something similar or identical. I would prefer a more vulcan oriented benefit from its warp core (like, boost the pet healing/shield repair,etc).

Each C-store ship should have a tailored warp core for its function/theme. The older the ship is the more benefits it should receive and the newer the ship is (aka Vesta) the less benefits over picking a warp core that can be purchased or quested. The whole point is to use the warp cores to bring up the older ships to the same bar as the newer ones.