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05-13-2013, 12:36 PM
Originally Posted by adabisi View Post
If I wanted more dps I would fly an escort.

Sci ships should not be receiving DPS boosts, in any form, in my opinion.

Atm parsing shows that I am doing quite well in my science ships w/o the need for more dps enhancements.

Science ships are not intended for DPS delivery in the form of raw power from guns and torps etc. They weaken the mobs....hold them in place and allow the more dps oriented ships to administer a beating. Their collective 2ndary is heals/shields and assistance in dps as needed.

Any ship not running approx 100-125 in aux is wasting its talents and DPS potential IMO.

Proper usage of the science ship based on its strengths and NOT its weakeness is the key here.....once again if you want to dps and pew pew...go dilly dally in an escort.
Trouble is they don't even weaken well, especially in pvp. Its easy to escape most if not all sci debuffs if the enemy has half a brain. Stuff that isn't escapable has negligible effects.

If Cruisers want Heavy Beams whats wrong with Sci ships getting Auxiliary Beams?