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Originally Posted by rickysmith1 View Post
But Branflakes said it was OK to have ground so long as it was only a little to progress the story. Not that the shuttle bit be for just the 'Approach system' and 'leave system'.
To be fare, im only complaining about it because I deleted the best part of my entry to make it comply with the rules!

OH MY Q!... I read the reviews and some of the suggestions are exactly the things that I did delete! (Fly out of exploding Cells/Tougher Ground Combat/Exploration of Ship wreckage that fills in Story loops).
I forgot to fill in the story 'holes' afterward too!... ah well, so long as people enjoyed it, thats all that matters lol
Hum...well, personally I read the rule as the mission has to be done in a shuttle, otherwise the story plot doesn't make sense OR most of the space scenes are too small to maneuver a starship in it.

The situation doesn't meet the rule would be a mission in which a shuttle is not a necessary element. If the player never switch to a shuttle and find the story still go on just fine then there is a problem.

It can just be me though.