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05-13-2013, 01:02 PM
I've just posted my first mission, and I would greatly appreciate some feedback.

I like the in-depth information you provide, so I was hoping you could take a look at mine...

Here is my Forum thread

Mission Name: Contact Squared
Author: eldil1
Minimum Level: 41+
Allegiance: Federation
Project ID: ST-HDKD38CDP
Estimated Mission Length: 30-45 minutes

In Game Description:

Captain [LastName], Admiral Flores has a special assignment for you and the [ShipName]:

Forty years ago, Captain Jean-Luc Picard initiated First Contact with the inhabitants of Malcor III.

After a series of missteps on both sides, the Malcorians decided to postpone their Warp Program and focus on solving their social problems.

The Malcorians are now ready to resume the program and take their first Interstellar Warp Flight.

When you are ready, Admiral Flores will contact you with the mission details.

The Mission will begin just outside the Sierra/Starbase39 System.

This is a Story/Dialogue Driven Mission with some Ground and Space Combat.

Some choices will affect the path you take.

Version 1.0
I'm almost finished with Part 2, It will be up soon.

This mission is intended as a follow-up to the events in the ST:TNG episode: "First Contact" (season 4).

While the episode is not required viewing, It may increase your enjoyment of the mission...

Thank you in advance for your help...