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Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
Considering the absurd crit/severity numbers that only Romulans will have access to, the fact that there is an incentive to run non-romulan boffs is not a bad thing at all.
Hmm. good point. I am planning on running my borg doff with efficient, but the other 4 were going to be romulan.

Originally Posted by kamipoi View Post
make a core the disabled the stupid sing abilities but gives us +5power across the board...and then i can sing with joy...cause obviosly they quantify the turnrate is counterbalancing the bonus hull.(as if a bonus of 3k hull means jack didly for a ship that cant turn) so they seem to think cloaks worth -5power and these singularity abilities are worth anouther -5 not realy but alright devs way to shoehorn romulans into the usefulness of say an engineering officer -_-
I had posted an idea in the past of cores that gave +5 to all systems and another +5 to a system with full core, buti feel that this plan is more balanced.

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