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# 1 STO - Romulan Bridge Officers
05-13-2013, 02:17 PM
Hi dear Devs!

I asked someone who is "Vice Admiral" yet and this person told me that this Tovan Khev is still a bridge officer and can't be discharged. That means every ROM User in STO has this Tovan on board. Where is the logic? This Tovan is no hologram. Sometimes I ask me who decide such stupid things or why you decide who is on my bridge at all. I won't this person in my ship, I want also decide if this person is female or male. This BOFF can't be renamed or changed at the tailor. I really hope its a bug, otherwise I prefer to play my FED way again. I bought the Legacy Pack yet, now I am mad that I have a char on my bridge, which all other users have too. You create such beautiful things, but sometimes you produce really crazy unlogical stuff.
Change it please.


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