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Originally Posted by kamipoi View Post
sorry if i sound pesimistic but cryptics reasoning behind things are strange and ill give them that cloaks must be counter balanced by something -5 for the cloak i can deal with.but -10 kinda screws competitivness especial when the enemy is now not only +10 above you but in all reality end up being +25 or more power levels farther above you these powers should be optional period if i want them i grab a singularty core with them if not i should be entitled to drop em and grab an antimatter core....we are after all allied with the federation and klingons retrofitting our ships would not be that hard

the power issue isnt nearly as bad for tacticle specific alpha builds but it cripples the science ability to work solo even further then the science nerfs in 2012 did.yea fancy abilities that you can use once roughly every 2-3 minuts but id rather something i can count on...
Originally Posted by balordezul View Post
Personally I have been playing enough at VA for two toons now and I don't think the Singularity cores need any penalties.
I couldn't agree more, but thats just not going to change, and theres another topic for that. Lets try to keep this on topic and specifically about changing the core item itself to be more effective and onpar with warp cores.

Originally Posted by lostusthorn View Post
Since the powers will not be removed at all, to much time went into developing them.

How about this:

Singularity core behaves just like a warp core power wise.
Remove the innate power penalty from the Romulan ships.
Introduce a science console equipable only on warbirds,
this console provides the jump, warp shadows and quantum absortion.
Do the same with a tac console that provides the singularity overcharge and plasma shockwave.

That way you solve many problems, ships are on equal footing powerwise and people would don't want to use the powers are not penalized for them.
You give the player the choice which power flavor they want to use and get them balanced by having the ship using them giving up console space. Science for defense/fancy powers and tactical for offensive powers. Balancing out defense and offensive from passive consoles with defense and offense from active/singularity powers.

Next would be the battlecloak, from the veteran ship, we know that it is valued at 8% shield and hull.
Canon wise we also know that cloaking devices are rather small and can be carried by normal people.
I would suggest to decouple the cloak from the ship and create devices for them,
Equipping a cloaking device then lowers hull and shield by say 4%, for a battle cloak by 8% and a EBC by 16%.

Could do the same for the klingon ships, after normalizing their hull and shield values and device slots.
And of course turn the fed cloaking consoles into cloaking devices as well.

What is the point of all this? Allowing the players a choice how to equip and play their ship.
Main problem with this is that it's too late and just wouldn't be possible to be done at this point.

I love the concept of allowing more choice, but things are set in stone already, were not going to get a massive change like this.

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