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05-13-2013, 04:25 PM
your talking pve which any brain dead monkey can do im talking pvp where every little bit counts and btw you do realise of course that singularity jumps you the direction your looking and puts the singularity at your position before jump other then the fact that in pvp most people are IMMUNE to control due to Attack pattern omega and polerize hull/dampners being a must have right?

what im saying is pve you can do pvp your not even close to being competitive i have been playing science since season 2 i know the combos what works what doesnt the only use for gravity well these days is npcs/fighters/decloaking and most of those there is a better option that's usually much faster(it involved stupid high dps that the devs miraculously gave to tacts)

and a tact rom isnt at as high a useless factor as a sci rom this is the main point even if you can control your enemy your damage won't be enough to do jack diddly to him and the longer time goes the more 1v1s or even 2v2s become impossible eventually i imagine you wont be able to do 5v5s anymore ither due to the power creep cryptic is putting out...

im asking for parity at least for the romulans im not asking for a silver spoon to feed me or a golden parachute the -10 to all subsystems digs way too deep it will lessen the effectiveness of your heals/tank/turning/speed/damage to a point where even a weak player could stomp on you skill be darned

the abilities you say to build around do basically NOTHING its why i also dont build around c-store ship consoles i build from base parts and skills the rest should be nothing more then sprinkles on top well the singularity abilities are spinkles made of dirt and its putting a bitter flavor in my mouth.
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