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Originally Posted by spender007 View Post
Here's a link to a build I am trying out currently

So far on eSTF's and rep grinding the build seems to hold its own. I am of the opinion that as a tac captain I should fly a tac scort ergo I should focus on dps. Once I have fleet weps and possibly tweaked some of the eng/sci slots* I think this build will come into its own. I have tried it with a dbb and used BO for additional spike however it seemed to lack the punch an all dhc build has. That said I may well revisit that option this evening for a longer look. Rotating TT x2 & epts x2 seems to give enough time to get the f00k out of dodge and aptsif is nice.
The def/eng/shield set work fine, I have run the borg set which is just as good if not maybe a smidge better due to the trac beam, perhap that would best for pvp. Both deflectors give + struc int which is great for a scort. The MACO set I think has better shield healing bonuses? can't think off the top of my head..

* replacing one of the slots with a threat reduction console maybe tempting, 9 times out of 10 the spike damage pulls aggro of just about anything.

I run wep power at max and my engine as secondary priority, shields and aux tie for 3rd. Regarding wep power drain I have to say and no I am not parsing this so I am simply judging on experience, I have not seen a problem and if there is an overlap giving me sloppy returns, then it doesn't hurt too much. From what I notice so far using the BOFF abilities hurts it some? I'll pay more attention on the ship load out than the cube next time and update this. I'm also going to run my defiant with 4 x dhc and a similar loadout and compare the 2.
Forgot to say, has anyone used a dhc build for pvp and if so what were your findings?