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Firstly, warp core efficiency works off what the power is SET TO, not what it actually is. Meaning that a Romulan ship running 90/100, 40/50, 15/25, 15/25 gets no more benefit than a Fed ship running at 100/100, 50/50, 25/25, 25/25.
No crap, really? Of course, not that it has anything to do with what I'm discussing, which is offsetting the singularity core penalty itself, not singularity core power comparative to Fed/KDF M/AM cores.

Secondly, 6 points in warp core efficiency equates to about 3 power when set at 25.
( Skill Level / 533.33) * ( 75 - Current Subsystem Power Setting )

This is the latest efficiency equation, as far as I know. Six points in WCE is 84 skill, which at 25 power setting gives +8, nearly completely offsetting the singularity core penalty at low power levels.

Thirdly, Romulan captains cant get Efficient Captain.
Last I checked, alien-gen will be playable and so will be liberated borg. Either get efficient captain.

Fourthly, there is currently no Romulan faction Boff that has the Efficient Trait.
Keyword, currently. The game's still in beta, you know. Romulans will invariably get their own liberated borg boff, Romulan-Feds will probably be able to have saurians, and Romulan-KDF will probably be able to have letheans, in the near future.

Actually now that I think of it, I think my Romulan-KDF has a lethean boff recruitment assignment on timer. Might be nausicaan, I can't remember offhand.

There is a way to effectively negate the penalty to power levels for Romulan ships.
This would be what I'm discussing. In no way am I discussing whether or not...

Quote: can do the same thing on Fed or KDF ships and end up with much better power levels.
Also, in edit, a postscript. Yeah, give it two months after the LoR metagame develops and people realize how ridiculously powerful quantum absorption is. Not many people will be flying around with a full singularity charge just for the sake of power levels.
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