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and they want to be uppity about romulans paying for advantages do you see an advantage in 2000damage+4000dmg dot(dot will be cleared as soon as you put it there

teleporting 5kms forwards leaving behind a less than glorified gravity well sure it does stuff to the enemy while they are within range of it for a second or so before they tear you up with your minimal power levels.

gaining 2k shield per facing and some extra hull that will just like the other 30-50k of your hull go poof in an alpha strike

i have no complaints about the BO knockoff but since its based on your weapon damage(thats going to be lower then normal) its not going to be impressive

and finally the most useless one send out clones of yourself and then sometime after they disappear you get a soft cloak. you will be tractored well before it happens due to them expecting it

these worth losing -10 across the board never mind the cloak.

if anything this will reinforce the decloak alpha tacts as the only viable romulans and you would be far more efficient going klingon as you can put some nasty tricks on that that are worth more to escape such as a jam etc etc...viral etc etc all while having the firepower of a deathstar

again to the point of the thread make them optional they are gimmicks and the other ships gimmicks are optional and hell they didnt nerf the vesta cause it could pop a green heal bubble so why nerf the romulans?


if cryptic wanted thigns to be diffrent they would bring science back up to usefulness make tacts do their own thing not buffing that etc they dotn want diffrent they want MONEY

they keep telling us science that oh this is the buff you been asking for blah blah blah these abilities might be sciency but they are not a buff they are not even any better then what we already have.
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