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Originally Posted by hyouki View Post
And this is EXACTLY why I've argued that leech should not be brought over. Because as it is now, Federation Romulans will come up with innovative, creative builds, while Klink Romulans will just run to the leech and rebuild their cookie-cutter prefab ships.
it's really cute the way you think there's going to be "innovation" when the mechanics of how the singularity powers work really hamstrings the ability to use them in any dynamic way.

Can't use them dropping out of cloak as a secondary alpha, can't use them back to back, can't use them without first charging up (and they won't be effective unless they've charged up for quite awhile) and then when you do use them, long dead period where you're at -10 all power levels with no compensating benefit.

It's fine that singularity powers have a cost, or that Romulans play "different" than the rest, but slapping on a very clunky "Win Button" mechanic and then a large penalty to general performance is not really making them more dynamic, if anything it's making them more focused on just surviving long enough to get the "money shot" then back to being under powered.