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05-13-2013, 05:21 PM
i will end up not making a romulan i have a klingon it gets more romulan style play from the bop then a romulan warbird does its gimp is a rightly earned one it pays health for turnrate and the ability to cloak.

the abilities in their current form are nothing spectacular and we pay for them with cores that don't do the following

A>W,+5maximum powerlevel,+5powerlevel
isntead we get things that buff these abilities and if we wait 2minuts buff 1 powerlevel

is that not balanced in its own right?

and yes the cloak must have a balancing factor -5power fine thats acceptable

warp core diffrences aught to count in the balancing debate fix it by understanding we are already at a dissadvantage and remove half of the power nerf
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