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Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
Tailored doesn't mean it has to be the best for it. The warp cores are no different than consoles: their benefit depends largely on the player's build/setup rather than the ship itself.
No offense but when you are tailoring it you are doing exactly that.

In this case the Nebula would come with a core that boosts all sci stats depending on power levels... but there are warp cores that might offer better options depending on the player's needs (shield resist cores? weapon damage? etc).
Cores dont offer that, when you put "stat boosting power vs battery" guess what wins?

Warp cores offer a power bonus, the very rare ones offer some kind of battery power, not offering anything you are suggesting.

Again, its no different than c-store consoles.
Power cores just offer power boosts, consoles offers abilities but with a price ... the Defiant Cloak is just a normal cloak and takes the place of something that could boost a lot of things but the thing is no Core takes place of anything, its the same as a weapon and they dont sell weapons that are obvious superior to everything, they are balanced so they dont overshadow the Mk XII purple drops or Fleet gear.

Even the Aux DHCs of the Vesta are balanced on the fact you can only mount 3 and as they take Aux power instead of Weapons the rear weapons are starved unless they are projectile,

Thats why I'm saying this would only be for cstore ships. Heck perhaps even limit it to T5 ships since the T1-4's have the share-able consoles.
What I am saying is those Cores are simply overshadowing normal cores to the point its not a option because you are boosting skills with them and power management is not really a problem right now, especially for engs that can just EPS Power Transfer and so boost every single thing on the ship for 30 seconds, we would have go from AP:A is OP to EPS is OP on pay ships.

I remind you are putting this on pay ships and so P2W.
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