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05-13-2013, 09:02 PM

this thing has the great big torp of doom console, and a synergy bonus toward using torpedoes that cant be ignored. (+10% Projectiles Damage, 25% Cooldown Reduction for Projectiles)

3 DHC, 1 torp, 3 turrets



EPtE1, AtB1, EPtS3
ET1, AtB1


omega deflector
omega engine
maco/fleet elite shield


1 turn, zero point, 1 armor
Plasma Destabilizer, Singularity Stabilizer, borg
3 or 4 energy damage tac consoles

doffs- 3 purple tech, 2 BFI

APO3 at its global is one of the best parts about tech doffs, that and every other skill. a bargain compared to AP doffs, and so much better if you got 2 LT eng slots to use them with. the bonus of extra power to work with will be all the more beneficial for warbirds too. just dont shoot yourself in the foot, draining your aux down to 5 and then battle cloaking. once maco shield or leach stacks run out you will quickly become viable. make a habit in swapping to a preset with aux set to at least 50 every time you cloak. wouldn't want to shoot yourself in the foot wile battle cloaking.

this basically looks like a kdf vet ship thats more compact, has 4 more base turn, an unideal ENS station, and better shield hitpoints in exchange for 2 seconds less of life during bare hull exposure. what an incredible bargain.

a brel style setup would be so totally different. dont expect something like that from me, thats something that takes a lot of trial and error to dial in, and i have never tried it. i have no information or experience to give. i invite anyone who does to take a crack at such a build though.
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