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this ship has plenty of nefarious potentual with the LTC sci. i dont think you can go wrong with VM1 here. since this will also be a 2 AtB build, i wouldn't recommend a heal in the LTC slot. with its 2 console set bonus, it can make up for itself not having the escort defense score bonus (Increases Defense by up to 10 based on flight speed, +5 to Shield Power)

3 DHC, 1 DBB, 3 turrets/2 turrets+1 cutting beam


TT1, CRF1, BO3, APO3

EPtE1, AtB1,
EPtS1, AtB1

TSS1, HE2, VM1

omega deflector
omega engine
maco/fleet elite shield


1 turn, 1 EPS
borg,Singularity Inverter, Sabotage Probe
4 or 5 energy damage tac consoles

doffs- 3 purple tech, 2 vm system doffs

more tech doffs, a bit more hitpoints, more damage dealing, with more disabling. i think this is the first 2 AtB escort with 5 tac consoles, that doesn't also give you a fail build. just another solid escort like ship. should prove very dangerous and powerful.
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