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05-13-2013, 10:23 PM
Wow... I've had a few that were close to being that bad. And usually it's CSN. In fact, it's almost ALWAYS CSN. And because of that, I now usually ask if everyone knows NOT to kill the cubes until all the probes are gone (unless they are all running huge dps, which in case I don't worry about it). But every so often, I do get ONE person who doesn't know. And when that one person blows up a cube, things usually go to Hell.

Today, it happened again. We had one guy barking orders from the start, which I didn't mind. He did sit for about 5 minutes defending the Kang, with him yelling that only two was needed. Kinda hard when there was a huge fleet of BoPs for some reason. After we thinned them out and me and another guy flew left and worked on probes while the orders guy went right while two hed the Kang. Then as the last probe blew I started heading center an noticed the player that was with me was attacking the cube. I told him to stop, and he listened and we bother went center with the orders guy. As we were working on center, I noticed another player started attacking the other cube. i yell out for them to stop, but they don't listen and finish off the cube. Things go downhill from there and within minutes, the Kang goes bye-bye.

My only thinking is that either that person blatantly ignored us or they had their chat off. Either way, it frustrates me when players have NO clue what they are doing in that stf.