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05-14-2013, 05:04 AM
I love the KDF tutorial so far. It still needs some additional polishing, though.

I noticed that, during the fight with the captain, the captain's chair disappeared.

The disruptor pistol you start with still does not match the icon in your tray.

Also, the beds in the barracks seem a little too soft for a Klingon ship. Mattresses and pillows? Really? They even had embroidered sheets! No warrior would sleep on such a thing! Especially in a Klingon barracks.

The cutscene showing the ships during the prisoner exchange seems to be fixed as far as hiding the fed ship before it's supposed to appear, but the scene still seems very stiff since none of the 3 ships move at all during the attack. They should at least break off (even at a alow pace at first) once the attack started coming in.

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