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05-14-2013, 06:53 AM
I played the the beta since late friday night and had made level 50 around midnight last night. i am amazed by the new layout and maps. i love the new episodes and the way they tie in to the old maps. the UI and HUD leaves a little to be desired as they seem to get in the way of viewable play no matter which way its laid out. maybe "shrinking" then a tad will suffice. there are minor bugs/ glitches throughout all maps which is expected but also did not take away from the overall gameplay, i had to drop several missions and re-pick them to complete. the warbirds are awesome by design and should not be disappointing. the powers of the weapons are at times too strong as well as not utilizing all the abilities or giving the Dot to the player.

overall im impressed by the new design and the new faction and cant wait for the release as well as the recent flaws in the servers going down, but im sure with all the monies being vested by the players, you will "fix" whatever the issues are.