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05-14-2013, 08:33 AM
Originally Posted by warpet View Post
can u put gear score here and lock elite stf to everyone who dont have full epic gear,so much ppl coming there whit mx10 or worse gear since they dont need better gear to can enter
The problem is bad players, not bad gear. A good player can go into an elite STF with a freshly-minted Vice Admiral and still play well. And conversely, just because a player has full XII gear in every slot doesn't mean they know how to play. It just means they've facedesked their way through enough to get whatever they wanted.

Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
if you aren't good enough to do an elite with white mk X you belong on normals

however how about blocking anyone who has full maco from ground stfs
Yeah.... no. Why penalize someone for having good gear? I hope you're trying to troll or something, because that's just a horrible idea.

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