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05-14-2013, 11:53 AM
Originally Posted by stoneloki View Post
Jolan'Tru IRF!

Looks like the past years are about to pay off in spades for you all. After playing the RF I can honestly say they are a complete blast, and the klinks will be running for the hills when your warbirds leave space dock.

If anyone is looking for a Romulan fleet to join you can stop looking, The IRF has been around since the start of STO, they have waited patiently in the shadows for their day to march under the raptors wings.

Any fleet that can wait that long for their day, survive the years they have to anticipate their chance to fly in THEIR warbirds, well it is a fleet I have the utmost respect for.

Glory to you IRF, may victory be assured with your grace and guile!

From the team at SSO, and Loki, lover of blue ale!
Jolan'tru Stoneloki and thank you my friend

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