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got another one for you. what does getting fleet ships and modules have to do with a t1-t5 shipyard? what i mean is i don't understand that part of it. can't you just purchase the ship ( that comes with the module) from the c store? how else do you get it?
There's lots of different Tiers so they get a bit confusing. The ship "Tiers" just mean what is the lowest level you need to be to use it. The Starbase "tiers" mean which specific top of the line (Tier 5) ships can your fleet purchase. It's like a special store unlock you need the whole fleet to work together to achieve.

Here's an example:

The Escort is a tier 2 ship that you can get for free at level 10. there's also a paid version for 750 zen called the Escort Refit that is also tier2 and thus you can fly it at level 10.

At level 50, two new versions become available and this is where the quality of the starbase matters.

the Escort RETROfit (to make it different from the REfit) and the Fleet Escort Retrofit. These both require a tier 2 starbase and they are tier 5 starships because, as I said, you have to be level 50 to fly them.

There's also other fleet escorts, like the fleet heavy escort carrier aka Armitage, and it is a tier 5 ship same as the Fleet Escort Retrofit, but you need a tier 5 starbase to buy one.

A retrofit is typically a tier 5 version of a lower tier ship, and you can get them without spending any zen just need some fleet credits you can get by helping your fleet complete projects. The Fleet Retrofit needs 4 Ship Modules, and they cost $500 zen each or you can buy them on the Auction house (right now for 6-million EC average price). The reason the Fleet Retrofit is more expensive is as other people said, they have more hit points and an extra console spot so they are more powerful.

Hope that clears it up for you. Let me know if I was just adding too much detail and confused you by mistake. =)