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05-14-2013, 01:56 PM
Still Recruiting!!

Got our base upto T3 across the board.. and fleet lvl 12

Embassy T2 queued.. will buy the dilithium if hold back the upgrade for too long

( I am impatient and get paid decently from work lol )

Will start the T2 in the blue ( science? ) portion when the other project is finished

Started up a Transwarp gate project.. mostly by accident.. but got the fleet marks already filled for it.

As stated above.. casual.. easy going.. friendly.

Looking forward to getting a few more good people!.. I won't limit recruiting to 10-20 if enough are interested in joining.. I just do not want it to get too competitive for fleet creds and provisions.. we have about 50-80 of each for now in the starbase and about 30 of each in the embassy.. I try to keep them around these levels for ease of access.