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Originally Posted by shredder75 View Post
You have some wonky assumptions about larger fleets.

For one, their rosters tend to be quite full so absorbing a smaller fleet isn't really an option. Nevermind the fact that they're far more selective on who they admit and usually have a limited contribution level before anyone even becomes a full member and/or has access to the fleet stores. A few big fleets spam for recruiting, but most do not. Quality over quantity.

Second, large fleets have no reason to block smaller fleet progression. This was a common misconception in EQ as well and the truth of the matter was, the big guilds in EQ never even socialized or otherwise thought of the smaller guilds because their progression was so far ahead and they were in places the others had no access to, that it was a non factor. Large fleets tend to do fleet actions and ESTF without pugging, and many have general chat disabled. Most have no idea you even exist, even if you spam the heck out of ESD.

Third, the progression is what it is. They made T3 relatively accessable even to small fleets which opens the door to the majority of content that Starbases have to offer. The fact that you only have 2-3 people actually contributing is more of a result of poor recruiting practices than actually being a problem with the system. A small fleet isn't 2-3 contributors, otherwise what's the point of joining a small fleet if you can do the same with a bunch of alts?

Lastly, Cryptic likely views "small fleets" as groups of 20-80 people or so who are mostly active and mostly contributing. Smaller ones fall off the grid because the system wasn't designed with that in mind. They want people to form into larger groups and work towards a common goal, rather than cluster into small alt armies for bank space and whatnot.

My advice to you is to start recruiting and looking for quality members. The likelyhood of the system being altered down to the point of where a half dozen people can attain T4+ status is likely not going to happen because Cryptic doesn't want alt armies exploiting the system.
6 people can get to tier 4.
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