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05-14-2013, 03:10 PM
This thread made me re-post my recruiting .. message.. lol

Yeah I tried to stay extra teeny for awhile.. but I figured I would never be able to spend all the resources of the fleet with just 2 of us.. yup only had me and this other guy for awhile

He vanished a few months back.. ( worried yes, but cannot get in touch with him ), so I had to take on the brunt of the fleet stuff.. got a few people in during the past few weeks.. and it couldn't have worked out better.

One of my new guys is a superstar.. already rank 3.. having contributed like 700k in the first 2 weeks. Very happy I was able to snatch him up. Showed my appreciation by making him rank 3, and unlimited access to 1 bank slot to do with what he pleases.

Im super easy going, and that just did not seems to fit in with the few large fleets ive joined and left in my time. They would ignore you unless you were buddies with one of the higher ups.. even if you were #5 on the damn contributions list for 2 months! .. I climbed from #300+ to #5 (around 1.5mil).. and still did not get access to anything! Damn egos

Yeah yeah not saying they are allll like thatttt.. but keep your shinies.. I will not beg for crop i already should have earned!

Oh yeah.. so keep hope alive!!!.. try to recruit decent people, and just keep an eye on them for a week or two to make sure they arent crazy..

it isnt an easy road to T5 for us little guys.. but with hard work and $$$ ( lol ) we will make it... and hopefully we will have so many goodies by then.. we will be glad that we didnt waste dilithium on what they have now!