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05-14-2013, 02:41 PM
Well it still looks like there's still lots to do, I replayed 3 different episodes in the Romulan arcs hoping to get a lousy RCS console that was listed as a reward, not a chance, every single one gave me something different than what was listed in the mission rewards.
Devils Choice is a bear in the final stages, I finally managed to get past the 3rd Incubation chamber only to die repeatedly dealing with the mob spamming going on in the last room, I'm supposedly playing in normal mode but that mission is an elite mode headache if there ever was such a thing. Same is true of the the final Romulan defense mission, the number of ships spawning basically turned my fairly decent computer into complete crap, the frame rate was literally stop motion frame stepping. Come on guys, what is with the megaspawning, not everyone can afford triple SLI video rigs.

P.S> I now sympathize completely with players complaining about the D'deridex's turn rate, that thing is a wallowing pig, what the hell is even the point of letting it mount cannons. As soon as I get back in I'm dumping the cannons and putting on beam arrays since it's clear the thing is just another fat failcruiser.
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