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Originally Posted by tilarta View Post
For background, we have a membership list of around 60 members, but over time, the number of active members has dwindled to around 5 or so.

And of those 5, the two active contributors are me and another leader.
Then at this point you have to look into a mirror and reconcile some things , such as when the Flet System was introduced , your path and the path of all but one of you fleeties has diverged .
Two of you took the path to the Starbase .
58 chose to sit back and "relax" .

I'm not going to tell you what that means .
You're an adult , figure it out .

However ...

Also, for better or worse, I commit to a Fleet, out of loyalty and responsibility to the members.

So, I'm not going to abandon it no matter what.
If it's not too much trouble , look up the term 'misplaced loyalties' .
If that's too much to swallow then how bout the finger pointing you pulled (on large fleets) as you had to point your rage at someone other than yourself and your 58 very cooperative fleeties .

But now I feel like I'm being punished for my commitment to these ideals.
No , you're being punished for being one of two members of a 60 man fleet who gives a damn about Starbases .
That's one reality you're facing .
The other ... is that perhaps ... , just perhaps those large fleets had to work hard too to get pass the hurdles of millions of Dil and other difficult or expansive commodities .

You've already had one player reach out to you in this thread with an offer to help .
That's a better deal than anything Cryptic will do for you in the near future .
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