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05-14-2013, 04:54 PM
Originally Posted by travelingmaster View Post
You clearly haven't been subjected to a properly-executed gravity well + warp plasma + subsystem disable assault. Or how about a massive power drain + complimentary subsystem disable? Yes, there are counters, but sci powers are still rather effective in the right hands, especially in a team format (which is what PvP is supposed to be).
So you have to use three different slows to actually slow down your target? Not to mention out of the three you're using in this scenario the two sci ones are inferior to the engineering one. Not to mention there is only a handful of sci ships that have a lt cmdr engineer.

Not really such thing as a *massive* power drain without stacking lots of flow capacitors which takes away from your damage, not to mention all it takes is the skill tree power insulators to hurt power draining badly. Which anyone who knows what they're doing will be skilled into.