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# 27 A New Chapter
05-14-2013, 06:11 PM
"Who am I?" The sentence echoed through the mind of V'Tel Hvalli as her reflection stared back at her. Fresh, cool water dripped from her soft forehead ridges, and her chiseled nose and chin. She ran her hand along her head, through the long strands of obsidian colored hair that hung about her shoulders, closing her eyes and attempting to connect reality to the tactile sensation of the hairs and the contours of her skull against her hand.

Music thumped through the door behind her as the party continued into the night, the smell of drugs, alcohol, and perfume wafting under the door that she recognized all too well as the typical Saturday night atmosphere at the estate owned by the infamous Janei Nori here on the planet Groth. Then again, most of the planet was owned by some aspect of the Nori Trading Company, and despite her oath to the Republic, her continued allegiance.

Even before Ynala's death, she had decided that Janei would have her loyalty wherever else she went. She did the work that most pirates wouldn't do anyway, and had been the true heroes behind Ynala's legacy. They fended off Tal'Shiar once before, and they would again.

The young Romulan opened her eyes and searched those slate colored eyes that stared back at her. They were hers. As was her trademark slightly down turned nose, high cheekbones, and pouty lips dolled up behind a faint tint of clay-hued makeup that complemented her black and gray checkered suit remarkably well. The longer she looked, the more she saw her sister, Ynala staring back at her--a ghost, clouding over her face, her body, inhabiting her heart and soul once again. Putting her grief on hold once more with a simple smile.

Everyone was outside on the floor dancing and smiling, and never paying any mind to the carnage that they lived with day in and day out. They knew today was real...or did they? She fathomed she wasn't the only one struggling with the increasingly blurry line between the reality of the present and the fantasy of the past.

Knuckles pounding against the door startled Ynala away. V'Tel turned around to see the door slowly opening and a familiar, short, dark haired woman slowly peeked her head around.

"May I come in?" Lieutenant Cyvia Ravala asked cautiously.

V'Tel sighed in relief and nodded.

The twenty-something, baby-faced Betazoid woman gently slipped around the door and closed it behind her. The room instantly filled with the sweet, ethereal smell of Bajoran lilac perfume, and the mild fruit-like aroma of Cyvia's lipgloss. A low-cut, plum colored Bolian silk dress hugged Cyvia's thick, muscular physique and showed off the elegant tattoos that adorned her skin. Her hair, normally tied behind her head, hung about her shoulders, and a platinum necklace hung from her thick, muscular neck and dangled a subtle teardrop-shaped amethyst amulet halfway down her chest. The normally brutish security officer was uncharacteristically feminine that V'Tel couldn't help but be distracted by her.

"Nice combat uniform." Cyvia quipped.

"I should say the same. I had no idea that Ishal To was now making such fashionable field wear." V'Tel retorted.

Cyvia smiled sarcastically, and lifted up the hem of her dress, revealing a phaser pistol strapped to her thigh.

"You ready to get out there, or do you need a few more minutes to cry?"

"I had to talk to my sister." V'Tel said, her voice drained of any emotion.

Lieutenant Ravala turned and met V'Tel's gaze. Gently, she brushed a strand of hair out of the Romulan's face. "What did she have to say?"

Another knock at the door dashed the words from V'Tel's lips.

"Come in." She said.

Slowly, the door parted revealing the dashing, tall, powerful image of the blonde haired human she knew to be her sister-in-law and Starfleet Captain Kim Sharp. Instead of the uniform V'Tel had been accustomed to seeing on her, she wore a sleek, dark tuxedo with a white shirt underneath and french-cut cuffs that were exposed from her suit jacket. At her side was an elegant, dark haired Vulcan woman with a piercing stare, and a unfriendly military stature known especially to the V'Shar's finest. V'Tel recognized her former agent, Sevak Sharp, and a long time friend and now romantic companion of the captain's. She complemented Kim well in a soft plum colored wrap-around suit.

Looking at Kim was looking at a ghost as well. A phantom from the past, that had risen from the ashes that once had been the Romulan homeworld; now returned and stood in the doorway, her flashing cobalt blue eyes imploring, and all judging by the stir from Cyvia beside her, still trying to forget just as much as she, the loss she still bore; the memories of the woman that bound each and every one of these women in this room together, and all the dancers on the floor, and V'Tel's two employers that waited patiently outside. The woman whose dream still ignited their hearts and souls.

For a moment, V'Tel felt shame as she looked on the woman that she remembered from her raw youth, the woman that had stolen her sister's heart, and changed their lives forever. None of this was about living in Ynala's shadow, but the hope that there was more to life than hate, fear, and suffering.

"You guys coming or what?" Kim asked. "Tevnu and Janei have been asking about you."

V'Tel blushed slightly and turned back to Cyvia. "She said I should go dance you, and the rest of my family."

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