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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
*OOC: I am going to indulge a bit in revisiting old characters maybe have them interact with someone new like Voporak.*

*Allen is sitting in his ready room reading reports from his department heads... and his first officer Shelana... *

*OOC: Anyone think we should make a sort of a timeline so we don't get confused on years and such? Since we are going to be screwing up the timeline?*
OOC: Everything old is new!

Well we can start by separating/naming the different realities we made. This thread's, Voporak's, Voporak's mirror universe, this thread's alternate reality, etc.

EDIT: Btw, when in 2409 is this Allen? If it's at the correct spot, Voporak in "real-time" of this thread (as far as that goes) might appear. Won't that be fun.
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